We Are One Team.

The search for a talented editor is over. We want to give you the freedom to book more weddings while eliminating the backlog monster. Keeping your clients raving about you!

Our goal is to merge the gap between wedding filmmakers and the deliverables to their customers. We focus on developing relationships with our clients, to a point where they feel like we're sitting at the same editing bay, working as one team.

Vadim PavlyukCEO/Director

Take a peek inside one of our editing bays.

Get your life back as your sales and bookings are increased!

Running a wedding film business can be overwhelming especially having to balance couples, marketing, pre-production, production, etc. Editing often takes up the bigger portion of these, resulting in delayed deliveries, sacrificed quality, and anxious couples waiting for their film to be delivered, often times tarnishing a company’s reputation.

How can we help?

We will do what we do best – create a stunning film that will blow your socks off in under 14 business days! The result is satisfied couples, happy you, and more referrals.

What makes us different?


We don’t offer editing services for home videos, family vacations, and everything else under the sun. Instead, we partner up exclusively with wedding filmmakers and companies who offer professional services to their customers.

Our Platform

We really mean it when we say, “working as one team”. Our collaborative platform is second to none. Other outsourcing companies make you go through a tedious process of zipping/compressing files which in itself can take up to a day or more depending on the project size, on top of that you have to upload the files to your own online storage account. With us it’s simple, we give you a license to a Dropbox Business Advanced account with unlimited storage and file size uploads. No more zipping and crashed upload pages! Best of all, you can do this without opening up a single web browser. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping your footage inside our team folder living on your Mac or PC.

Team of Editors

We’ve handpicked our editors to deliver only top level films. You no longer have to spend the time looking for and training your editor. We’ve already taken care of that part for you.

Based in the U.S.A

We’re located in Westfield, MA. You’re more than welcome to stop by our office and say hi. Espresso is on us!

Learn more about the process

Here are some reasons why companies and freelancers stick with us.


We spend a great portion of the time webbing out and structuring the dialogue in a way that will tie in beautifully. That is what drives the narration and is the backbone of a wedding film.

Color Correction/Grading

Proper and consistent color grading will set a mood for the film. Whether it be a whimsical wedding or something a bit more moody and dramatic, we are experienced in creating a look that will be consistent and fitting.

Sound Cleanup

You've heard it before, audio is as important as the visuals themselves. Utilizing tools like iZotope RX we are often times able to fix bad audio due to things like clipping, noise, etc.

Foley Effects

We have a large library of reproduced sounds that range from swishing of clothing and footsteps to clinking of glasses. These effects elevate the production value of your film.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

We get it and fully support non-disclosure agreements. Some of our clients just don't want their competition and clients knowing about their awesome editors.

Business Growth

Letting us take care of your editing needs will give you more time to focus on other things like marketing your business and accepting more clients.

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