Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept every wedding that comes through the door?

We work with a limited amount of filmmakers to ensure that every wedding we take on is given the appropriate amount of time for completion as well as hold up to our quality standards. If the footage you supplied us is very poorly shot or doesn’t meet our criteria, then we would kindly refuse to accept your project. We are focused on delivering consistent results that our clients have learned to expect from us. If you’re unsure, you’re more than welcome to submit your footage for us to review.

Why can't I find your pricing online?

We don’t list our prices online for a few reasons. Firstly, we would need to know what we’re working with and the type of edit you’re looking for. The easiest way to get a quote from us is by phone or email. We want to make sure we give you an accurate quote before any editing begins so please be detailed in your email. Generally, our pricing starts at $349.00

Do you really complete a wedding within 5 - 14 business days?

Of course, we aim to get it done in no more than 7 – 14 business days. The time starts as soon as we’ve ingested the footage of a particular wedding and until we upload the first cut for your review. (We do ask for a 1 – 2 day buffer time to download the footage and get familiar with your content)

What's the fastest method of getting my footage to you?

If you already have your footage uploaded to the cloud, send us the download link. This will be the fastest way for us to start the editing. Although, most of our clients prefer to ship their footage to us.

I don't want to upload my footage. Can I ship it?

You’re more than welcome to ship out your footage to us: Wededits – 630 Silver St. Suite 8a Agawam, MA 01001

Make sure to include a pre-paid return shipping label with your package. If no return shipping label is included there will be a fee of $20 added to the invoice.

Do you offer non-disclosure agreements?

Yes, please let us know that you’re requesting an NDA and we’ll send that over to you.

Where are you located?

We are based in the beautiful city of Agawam, Massachusetts!

Account & Payments:

What are your payment terms?

Depending on what deliverable you go with, we require a 50% retainer before any editing begins and the remaining balance due before we remove the watermark from the video and release the project files to you.

How can I pay?

You can pay with a Debit/Credit card or an e-check in your online portal. We also accept check payments.

What is an online portal?

This is where you can view your order(s) and pay invoices. You’ll get access to your portal once the contract is signed. This makes it easy for you to stay organized and be on top of your edits.

Do you offer volume discounts?

We do! Our team would love to tackle on more of your weddings. Inquire for more details.

Post Production:

What NLE do you use?

Natively we work in Adobe Premiere CC. We also have the option of working inside of Edius. FCPX project files will only be delivered via .xml file for linking up with your footage and project files. You can always request the film to be exported with your branding and no watermark if you don’t feel like opening up your NLE.

How long will my video be?

By default we have a few packages for you to choose from, our typical length for a feature edit is around the 15-minute mark. If you have something else in mind, we’re all ears.

Do I have any input on music?

Most definitely, although we have a large music library and try to match the vibe and ambiance from the day, we’re more than willing to work with you on music selection.

How do you handle music licensing?

All of the music we use is licensable. We use music from sources like Music Bed, Song Freedom, Select Music Library, etc. Once the film is completed and you approve the edit, it is your responsibility to purchase licenses for the tracks used in the film. This is done on your own terms unless you already have pre-purchased the music and included it with the footage for us to work with.

Can I suggest a film look?

We have a library of LUTs that we use to fit the mood and scenery of the wedding. You’re more than welcome to suggest a look and we’ll do our best to mimic it as long as the footage is in standards for proper color correction.

What if my footage has been poorly shot?

Although we try to create magic in our edits, you have to understand that there is only so much that we can do. We try our best to correct stabilization, framing, and color where possible.

How about bad audio?

Audio is crucial, we use Izotope RX to fix some audio issues and tweak it to perfection.

Can I supply my logo?

Absolutely! We’ll be happy to customize the film to fit your brand.

How will I see the first cut?

We use Dropbox for this, it gives us a neat little feature where you can add comments with changes to specific times in the film. We’ll notify you once the film is ready for previewing.

What if I'm not satisfied with my edit?

We’re positive that you’ll love our edit but if you don’t, we offer 3 revisions free of charge. Technical and/or grammatical errors made on our end will be corrected free of charge and not be included in the “3 revisions”.

How do I get the project files?

Once you OK the film and pay off the remaining balance, we’ll then move all the project files to our shared folder in Dropbox for you to download.

How long do you keep my footage for?

We understand that wedding couples can be hard to reach at times that’s why we’ll keep your footage and project files for at least 1 month after approval and delivery. If you need more time just let us know.

Have other questions for us?

Ask away!