The process.

We have perfected our process to make it easy on you!

With Wededits the process is seamless from the first time you inquire to the actual delivery of the edited project, we make working together a breeze, even if we’re across the other end of the country.

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Fill out the "first time inquiry form" on our contact page or call in to get a quote for your edit.

Ship or upload the footage

You can choose to either ship or upload your footage online.

The editing begins

This is where the magic begins. Within 5 - 14 business days you'll have a finished product ready for viewing.


We'll send you a link to your completed film for a review. 3 revisions are included free of charge!


Once you OK your film, we'll upload/ship out the completed video(s) along with all the files associated with your project.

A few tools we love working with.

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